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"Mugume N'amaani"

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Welcome to Bull's Empire

The mold of the brown bull with white spots facing the entrance symbolizes the cattle wealth of Ankole. Both the current students and alumni refer to themselves as ‘The Bulls’.

Accessible through Mbarara Kasese Highway at Ruharo stage, Mbarara High School has been a symbol of excellence in education for many decades. Our mission is to continue Providing Holistic Education for the boy child for productivity, Sustainability, and uprightness of the students admitted. 

About Us

Mbarara High School was started as a primary school by the Church Missionary Society (CMS) on February 19, 1911, at the king’s palace in Kamukuzi. J. Kironde was the first headteacher helped by Rev. H. Clayton.

Ruharo hill in Mbarara Municipality is popularly known as the seat for Ankole Diocese. But also on this hill, Ankole Kingdom, before its demise, and the Church Missionary Society founded the 101-year Mbarara High School.

Headmaster's Remarks

A warm welcome to our Website. At Mbarara Highschool, we provide high-quality education for all our students. We are driven by our core values of respect, responsibility, and excellence. We believe in working to help every single student become a responsible and respectful citizen with the skills and knowledge needed to lead successful and fulfilled lives beyond school. Our mission is to “Educate the whole” and our curriculum and support structures help us to achieve this.

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Our Vision

"To Provide Holistic Education for the boy child for productivity, Sustainability and uprightness"

Our Mission

"Educating the whole"


"Mugume N'amaani"

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